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Following on from the cull record keeping thread, it has been bought to my attention that we have a member of the site who has the ability to produce such things, and also the generous nature that allows him to offer to do so, well I did ask. So with the chance of a spreadsheet being developed specifically for stalkers it will need input from stalkers. Therefore if you could put forward your ideas as to what should be included, it's feasibility will be considered.

I would like to say here and now there will not be separate columns for either "string" or "cable tie", nor will LP, EP or single be entertained, Legal you listening. So get thinking what would you like to see included. Why do I get this funny feeling :D :D

Now in order for this to work think like this,

What questions would you want your stalking records to answer for you?


Do I see more does in the hour before dusk than in the hour after dawn.

Do younger beasts come out sooner than older ones.

How far do they run when hit with a 243 as opposed to a 308.

Because that is its real purpose. Not only will this be helpful to you as an individual but if collated properly with an online, in house version, it could prove useful to others as well, maybe even identifying national trends, we do cover the Country between us remember



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Would this be an individual record sheet or a "Live Document " that all members could add info to so we can get an accurate Country cull sheet, but also let Members download for personal record keeping?

Could this be developed into 2 Spread Sheets?

The first being County Orientated, this then links automatically to a Country spreadsheet.

I am no computer boffin, Internet, Word and Excel are about my limit (limited), I wouldn't know how to do it...

Just a thought :confused:



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It could sit on your PC at home for your own use, or it could sit on a server somewhere, for everyones use. You could even stick your copy on a server. But that's a bit far away yet!

It'll start as a personal use tool.

What do you want it to do for you is the question.


First off i would like a sheet to tell me how long after sunrise i normally see / shoot deer as opposed to a certain time if that is possible. Or sunset i feel times put in have no relevance at certain times of year because of the huge swing between time of year and sunrise / sun set times.


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I know people keep their own, which is what you'd expect, but others like me will be a bit casual/minimal about it. On the other 'record' post there were some good suggestions as well as some good references, a quick trawl revealed these (I hadn't thought there'd be so many variables!). All hail to original posters.

I also know there are commercial databases available but hey! something for free which is a bit of fun and you get to design yourself.

The last one is from 6.5x55.

Activity - stalk/observation only
Shot taken - why not?
Time of stalk
Location, grid ref, spcific beat stalked
guest or assistant,
bullet wieght,
distance of shot,
distance run,
carcass wieght,
antler size and description
pregnancy/No. Foetus,
taken to the dealers
weather conditions.

time of the shot,
approximate age,
condition of the deer,
reaction to the shot
anything strange etc in the gralloch.
Habitat Type,
Highseat or On Foot,
Tag Number & whether purchased or sold to gamedealer..
carcasses inspection
other comments

how long after sunrise / before sunset

... go on add some more.


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As you have gathered by now snowstorm is the inspiration behind this. A comment he made on the other thread about records prompted me to ask him if it was possible. So as he said yes, and he will be the one compiling it and making sense of it all, I think it is only fair that any request by him with regard to data etc is complied with. This could be good

So, thinking caps on.



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Just to point out as well, the taol won't wag the dog on this one - it may be a spreadsheet or it may stand alone app. Form follows function.

Anyway, here's another:

auto link to google earth - to pin litle flags in where you did what on your patch.

Pete E

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6.5 x 55 said:
First off i would like a sheet to tell me how long after sunrise i normally see / shoot deer as opposed to a certain time if that is possible. Or sunset i feel times put in have no relevance at certain times of year because of the huge swing between time of year and sunrise / sun set times.

Interesting, but I think you'd have to also factor in things like moon phase, the temp, and perhaps weather conditions..Depending on the moon phase, weather conditions and where you are (eg deep shaded forest or open farm land) the light conditions say one hour after sunrise can be radically different from one morning to the next...

This, along with other factors such as disturbance of the ground, and adjacent crops rotations, will all effect the way deer will move..

I suspect from a simple idea, you could almost do a full PHD thesis on it lol!




Pete while some stalkers seem mad about times and numbers they also seem to be able to put this in to a year round average and i remember reading the book by Mr D griffiths on roe stalking in the south his book was full of meaningless trash about the best times of day to go out. I think the end result was 7am when in the real world were i am if i was to go out at that time in December and manage to shoot a deer i would be braking the law. Moon phases etc well if you must .But it is important in my opinion to put at what time sunrise is at weather its cloudy or not maters little as dose the disturbance because we can do little about them.
It is important to a good many stalkers to know what time it gets light .


Sorry if i wrote that 300 WSM About shooting a roebuck in december or are you putting words up that are not there to look cool. hey but what is your take on the moon and all the mentioning about best times.
Lets say your right and a novice wants to go out stalking roe buck in April the best time being 8am sunrise was at 640 am

Then he wants to go out at the end of June is it still 8am as now the sunrise is at 430 am

I feel that to many foolish people work on a clock but deer work on the hours of day light /weather etc so for me i will leave all this time crap to them that likes paper work. ;)


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I have made myself a database that records what I need and indeed I have calculated the times that it is most productive on the areas that I go to. It is handy, especially when you can get an extra hour in bed during the silly season. It also gives weights and eventually it wil give increases or decreases in body weights for the type of management being carried out (usualy increases)

This is a good idea, keep it going :D



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I was just going to give it away, I'm doing it becsause I want to stretch my database engine programming (it could do with it!) and keep records for myself.

How much do commercial ones cost on an annual licence?


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300wsm said:
Now if something like that could be developed and rather than be given away as a free down load sold at a minimum donation to the forum stalking ground or bursary for young stalkers I believe it would be worthwhile!

Now that, is a good idea Dave, but I have no idea of what is involved in it, the feasibility etc, but it does sound nice.
So, snowstorm, or someone who knows about such things is this a possibility, or are we better off sticking with what is on offer?



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Hi 300,

That's about par for the course for specialist software, maybe a bit on the cheap side? I have paid £600+ for a complier before.

It's actually a very interetsing process doing it from a novice's point of view, albeit a novice who now has to start keeping cull records etc. So I am driven by need and how I see myself using it in the field.

Cheers for the offer - but I dont want any commercial software peeps coming back to me saying I/we pinched their ideas! I will be sending out a beta version (God, that makes me sound like I know what I'm doing).
for comments to those who have useful comments to make.

Until then I'm keeping it blank piece of paper and mea culpa (all balls ups are my own). Plus the kid are off school now, supplier sent wrong scope rings for ruger so no shooting and I have a bit of time on my hands.

I've just dumped a ton of work onto JAYB! your experience here could be very useful - he might post it on the forum though, or he might not. You might want to PM him.

Best etc.
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