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I've read "Roe Deer, Management and Stalking" by Richard Prior and found it to be a most informative read. I wondered if anyone could recomend a book of equal calibre on Red deer? If indeed, such a book exists?



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RE Red deer reading

Get yourself Practical Deerstalking by Kenneth Whitehead, athough not entirely about reds it generally revolves around red deer stalking, as does most of his works. It is a essential read!


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One of the best books ever written was `The Red Stags of the RAKIA` by Dr. Bruce Banwell.
This was published about 40 years ago and is about the Red Deer of New Zealand which originated from here in England.
Another book by the same genius was `The Highland Stags of Otaga.`

With luck a copy may be found in a secondhand bookshop or by advertising on the `net`.

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