Red Fox


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Here is a little something I shot in February and picked up from the taxidermist over the weekend. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.
Apparently all foxes normally have slit pupils like a cat but this one, being albino, had red eyes and the pupils were round. So his eyes look a little unusual, but its an unusual animal so I'm not complaining!


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Wow, very interesting. Tell us more, the circumstances it was taken in? Whether it was known to you beforehand? Whether you've seen any more?



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Nice one baldy, turned out ok. I know how reluctant you were to get a fox done. I might have to get one done too...shoot me a nice winter skin please :)


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Cheers guys.
The story isn't very exciting really. I live on a farm and every evening I take my dogs for a quick run out the end of my garden before I go to bed. Sometimes I take a rifle, sometimes I don't. Often shoot one right in front of the house. This time the dogs went charging out, I had no rifle but shone the torch and this fox was standing about 80 yards away! Couldn't believe my eyes, managed to get the dogs back before they winded him and I ran inside, got the rifle out and two bullets in as fast as I could, legged it down the garden and he was now about 200yards out looking shifty, so I wasted no time in shooting him. I had to double check it was definately not a dog!
Then scanned the rest of the field with the NV and sure enough there was a second one out there too, so ended up with a red and a white one after the other.
No one that I know of had seen him locally, and it was at least 18months old (not last years cub).

And the guy who mounted it. Well he was recommended to me by my cousins who are both in hunt service, lives just outside leicester and is saved in my phone as 'Wayne Taxidermist'. Thats about all the details I have!


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That is an unusual beast mate, there's rumours around my area (inverness) of a jet black fox knocking around! Must a rarity, but as you said I'm dead worried I going to slot someone's dog in the hunt for it!! Suppose if that did happen I would still have to stuff it!! Lol it would b a conversation piece! :-|