Wanted: Red Hind Stalking for Royal Marines

Good afternoon lads

Looking to take around half a dozen Royal Marines up Scotland for some Highland stalking in the next 2 months. The group will be seeking Hinds so cull sessions would be required.

I take clients out in Devon so have a good idea of the routine required so looking for a serious stalker who can provide numbers that are actually on site. Estate rifles required and I can supply 2 if required. Group will have their own transport and accomadation.

Please contact me through here or either "Devon Shooters" or "The Stalk" on Facebook.


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I know that 45 commando have some link with invermark estate in angus glens .... They often had lads up there .... Maybe best speaking to someone within 45 & see if they can help



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I put a request on here for hind stalking months ago and had very little response.

I'm guessing with so little of the hind season left many will have done their cull by Feb.