Red Hinds love Ridgeline Clothing!

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Hello all

Thought i would share a lovely image our photographer took at the weekend during a photo shoot for the new Ridgeline Clothing range.

The model was standing under the shade of some trees wearing the Monsoon Smock, when we had an unexpected visitor.

Standing still, it literally came up and sniffed the air around him.

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P.S Oh and it was real!



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What were you and the photographer wearing?

In any case stood out in the open like that the hind could clearly see you didn't have a rifle so knew she was safe :lol:


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was out shooting last week in rivers west clothing and a massive hare came running up the field towards me i was sat under a wall, it stopped 2ft away from me for a breather, then realised i was there and went like a shot over the wall, theres some good products out there at present clothing wise

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I was out last week wearing Harkila kit. I was three miles from the nearest road.

Suddenly, from nowhere, an ice cream van appeared, playing the 'magic roundabout' chimes quite loudly. He didn't have a clue I was there...