Red letter day today


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I haven’t seen a turtle dove for 7 years

Been out on the Rainham ( Kent ) marshes today

Pair of breeding Turtle doves in a whitethorn tree

2 separate cuckoos and a Merlin

Out on the Estuary. - Wigeon male and female

all in three hours out walking the dog


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Not seen turtle doves for a while, see a merlin quite often, heard the first cuckoo I've heard in years at the weekend. Quite interesting if we actually pay attention when out and about.


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I heard my first cuckoo of this year , up in the borders this weekend,

Saw deer also ,

But no roe bucks , but it was a great weekend with great weather, sat in the forest and on the hill watching the activities in nature:thumb:



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I did watch a magpie raiding a woodpigeon's nest earlier. Hope he had a licence. Both of them are currently pretty safe from me.

Lol lol,

I saw a magpie try and kill a blue tit in our back garden last week( it tried, till I ran out shouting and waving my arms around )