red letter day


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Just had a heck of a day and wanted to share it. (think my 2 stalking buddies are sick of me by now!!)

Had a new mate offer to take me stalking in wood near work. Said to meet at 2, which I thought was pushing it a bit. Anyhoo, got there, got out of cars and a roe appeared in front, mad scramble for the rifle, it had gone! Regrouping and the silly thing reappeared 40m away looking straight at us. New mate (now best mate) let me have the shot and dropped it with neck shot. Perhaps not the most sporting but thems the breaks.

Mate (now super mate) sez "shall we keep going?" He set up in high seat and I set off. The area was disturbed by 2 guys fencing (wooden railing not epees and ****) and a dog walker so we regrouped.

Set off into other side of wood. I was a bit unsure of my route but found a nice clearing with good visibility and backdrop so I waited. After 10 mins or so a doe and 2 kids appeared at far side. All bunched up, then the doe stepped clear, heart shot at 80 yards and straight down. I waited the regulation 15 mins but then the kids returned, obligingly showing me their rumps so I could spot the doe. Even more obligingly she then stopped in a gap in the trees. Slightly quartering away so set shot back a bit, good impact noise but in a matter of seconds I could see 2 deer walking off!!

Light was going fast so I thought I should walk forward. After 5 mins of my heart and stomach sinking to my boots as I found no signs I suddenly spotted her dead as a hammer about 30 yards away.

Amazing hour and a half. Now I've just got to find a way to thank my new friend. He's a really good lad and was made up for me. Mind you we will both be eating well at Xmas :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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I've been waiting a few days now for someone else to ask but as nobody has stepped forward I will.

What's your thinking on shooting does with accompanying kids before and after Christmas?


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I live in the low grounds of Yorkshire and the kids are very well developed. If they had looked too small or if it had been earlier in the year I would have held off. Around us I would be very surprised if the kids couldnt manage.
However I try to be open minded so if people really think I have done wrong then I would be pleased to hear it. Live and learn.
What are others views?

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There really can't be any absolutes - it must be a judgement call and that call is down to the person with the finger on the trigger. If you reckoned the kids could manage, based on what you could see of them then it is your decision.

Some may say that the young need time with an adult to learn the ropes, but who is to say when they have learnt enough and how do you tell?


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Well done on an good afternoons shooting shootingduckdog keep taking your chances.

Where possible we always try and take the fawn as well if we decide to take a doe with one at foot. My stalking is pretty much all fallow and the fawns I am seeing this season are well grown and I am sure most of them would survive, how well they do is another matter!! There have also been plenty of times in the past when I have not taken the shot if the fawn looks on the small side.

On a number of occasions this season I have seen a fawn tagging along with a pricket with no sign a doe, maybe as a surrogate mother?

With most roe dropping two fawns it perhaps puts a different light on things having to try and shoot 2 fawns when compared with having to shoot the usual single fawn of fallow doe.


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When I first started stalking some years ago, the guys that I stalked with had a rough sort of guide regarding kids with does. Before Christmas it was generally regarded that the kid was dependant on the doe and could not survive for long on it's own. Therefore the kid would be shot first and then the doe if possible.
After Christmas the rule reversed and we would shoot the doe first in the belief that the kid could survive on it's own if necessary. Being young and unsure the kid would usually hesitate long enough to allow a shot to be taken thus putting at least two in the bag.
As already pointed out it's a bit of a judgement call, after assessing the development of the kid and even weather conditions and availability of food.
I was just wondering how other stalkers think about it and if they have any rough guides that they adhere to.