Red or Sika trophy???

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Pete E

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I wonder if some of our members with extensive experience on Red and Sika could chime in here.

When looking at European skull mounts, I often find it difficult to tell the difference between a poorish Red and a good Sika as the antler confirmation is often similar.

If anybody would care to give some pointers and perhaps post a few pics to illustrate these differences, I'd be very grateful.




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A Japanese sika head is narrower and staighter with the brow tines at a much more acute angle to the beams than a red.

Plus if you get your tape measure out you can measure the length of the nasal bone. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stag will help out here with the magic numbers!

Pete E

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300wsm said:
Plus if you get your tape measure out you can measure the length of the nasal bone. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not much use if you're looking at trophy cut as a skull plate though? ;)


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The beams on a Red are round in cross section, whilst the Sika antler is more angular and possesses a vein or web in the junction between tine and antler.

As mentioned, viewed in profile - the Red brown tine is close to 90 degrees from the main beam whilst the sika tends to be slanted around 45 degrees.

You want to get really indepth? Let's start comparing nasal bone lengths to establish if your Sika is of Japanese or Manchurian heritage.

rgds Ian :)


Most times in red the top tine most times erupts out of the rear of the main beam in the sika it is more off the front.


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Below is a pic. of a typical adult Jap. Sika Stag.
The beam has a ridge down the lower front which becomes more prominent with age.
Brow tines are at a right-angle to beasts face, more noticeable when the head is boiled and mounted.
The top tines are inside the beam and shorter than the top part of the beam.
Nose bone if present is much shorter than that of a Red Stag.
Centre line of Sika pedicles will be nearer together.

Note some of these items on the specimen photo.


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