Available: Red, Sika in the highlands SD week 2015.


Site Staff
As last year was such a huge success on the SD week, I have decided to make it two weeks this year. However one week for 2015 was already sold out last year 2014. Due to demand and the high success I have decided to open another week up, which will be hinds only. This will take place over two or possibly three areas that I now lease or have access to.

Many of you have already booked up for this trip, and I would be grateful if you would PM me with your personal details as many booked over 6 months ago and paid a holding deposit.

Level 2 stalks will be conducted for those wishing to complete their Level 2, whilst the usual professional crew to help out over the season will be Mark, Andy (senior guide) Alex, Ginge, Tom and not forgetting the range officer JAYB. I look forward to welcoming back old friends and new ones this coming season in the Highlands.

Don't forget with nearly 40 years experience we arrange and conduct professional stalking for all the U.K. species, we actually personally manage three major leases, and have done for many years for all the 6 species of deer, plus organise over seas hunts in Africa and Europe.

We also can arrange all your taxidermy work, including work from Africa and the near continent.

Look forward to hearing back from all those hunting with us this year.