Available: Red Stag Stalking week - Caithness North Scotland in the RUT.

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Glen Cadwallader

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Gentlemen, (Ladies most welcome also!)

We are running a stalking week for 8 - 10 rifles in some of our forests in Caithness, the ground is split into 12 beats over 8000 acres with excellent stalking and over 20 high seats.

The cost for the week is £500.

Dates are as follows:

Arrive Sunday 29th September 2013, Stalk all week long morning and evening with Friday 4th October 2013 being the last days stalking.

Estimated cull for the week will be 15 Red stags but possibly up to 30, Roe Buck's can also be taken.

No trophy fee's on any stag or buck, good quality Red stag's are present with 12/14 pointers not being uncommon on the ground during the rut.

Accommodation can be recommended by us no problem but is your own responsibility to book and pay for it. The Recommended hotel is : http://www.ulbsterarmshotel.co.uk/

DMQ 1 and insurance is a requirement for unaccompanied stalking in these forests.

Those without DMQ can attend but will require to be supervised by someone with DMQ2 or one of our AW's.

You can stalk in pairs if you so wish.

We have an Approved Witness available possibly 2 for those wishing to finalise portfolios, you will be put in contact direct with the AW's (Additional charge for witnessing to be arranged direct with them).

Stalking will be operated on a rotating beat system, there are 12 beats varying between 500 and 750 acres, you will be allocated maps and a different beat every morning and evening, most beats have excellent high seats with roof's.

The morning stalk will be first light until 11am and the evening stalk 3pm to darkness, it will be operated this way to allow for carcass extraction and for safety reasons to ensure everyone is accounted for, the ground is very remote and dangerous in places so a high level of common sense, the ability to read maps and mark locations of shot deer is essential.

All carcass extraction will be carried out by ourselves, carcasses can be purchased if you require but otherwise remain the property of Game Management Scotland limited, trophies are yours to keep.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Red deer rut in one of the remotest locations in Scotland, Stags travel through in search of Hind's all the way through the rut, you may encounter them any where and at any time, as many will be aware nothing is more exciting than being in a forest with Red stags roaring all around you.

Good hind numbers are resident (hefted) in the forest and provide a steady attraction for stags.

You will be able to take from this week a great deal of experience and whilst you will be able to socialise and mix with other stalkers if you so desire you will also be able to stalk alone and need not bump into another person all week if that is how you wish to do it, we can tailor it to suit your needs within reason.

Any questions please direct them only via PM or email to myself Glen via Glen@gamemanagementscotland.com

Full payment will be due in order to secure your place, once you have paid you will receive maps and full details of the plan!

No posts to this thread please, we will keep it clear for updating and additional information. Also follow updates via our face book page https://www.facebook.com/GameManagementScotlandLimited?ref=hl

Advisable equipment will include emergency overnight survival kit, GPS or even better a GPS satellite messenger system, we use these: http://www.findmespot.eu/en/index.php?cid=102&referrer=EuSpotHomeEN_BannerBottomSPOT , Very little phone signal is available in the area, you will be expected to listen and adhere to safety advice given on location by ourselves.


Glen Cadwallader

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