Sold: Red stags and hinds (Suffolk)

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I am now able to offer red stalking and have dates available throughout the coming season.
Costs will be £120 per outing with no further fees for cull animals (prickets, hinds alike, carcass remains my property but can be purchased if required). If more than one animal is shot, price stays the same, no extra charge.
If booking morning and evening stalks together a reduced rate of £200 will apply.
Lost/wounded or badly shot animals will incur a charge of £100, (don't panic, everything is chest shot so you won’t be penalised for front end or shoulder damage etc).
Limited availability for trophy stags also available, please contact me to discuss this further. There have been many medal class stags shot off this ground over the past few years, you just have to be in the right place at the right time!
Local, very reasonable and stalker friendly accommodation available at a nearby good local pub.

Please pm me for more info and to book.
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