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Sold: Redding Comp bushing neck sizing die set 6.5x284.

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Dear all

As per the title. I'm looking for £250 for these posted. Currently retailing at £410 on Brownells UK.

See link below for type although the link shows dies in .284 win. NB the ones I am selling are 6.5x284.

Please PM only if interested.

Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die Set, 284 Win Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die Set, 284 Win - Brownells UK
Not sure what's on offer here, Winchester or Norma?

http://www.sinclairintl.com/reloading-equipment/reloading-dies/rifle-dies/redding-competition-bushing-neck-die-set-category-ii-cartridges-prod38272.aspx?avs|Cartridge_1=BEM_6xzzx5 x 284 mm Winchester

Regards JCS


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These are 6.5x284 Win gents. Part number 58415.

Please PM if you require any further information.
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