Refrigerator Advice Wanted


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I have recently bought a second hand Samsung RR82FDMH fridge and wanted to drill some holes (preferably through the top and was wondering if anybody has done this with this model of fridge. Alternatively if there are any refrigerator Engineers who know anything about that model of fridge who could give me some advice that would be great.


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I know nothing of refrigerators, but surely drilling holes in it would lead to the same issues as if the door was left open, in that the pump and heat-exchanger would be continually working to try to bring the temperature down? Might cause it to break down prematurely, as well as increase its power consumption :-|
I think as long as the holes are not too big (20-30mm) then they are good for keeping moisture levels low without reducing efficiency too much. I would avoid holes at different levels as this would create a convection cycle, drawing air in and out of the fridge.


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Ah. In that case, all you'd need to worry about is not crushing the insulation, I should think? As long as you can be sure you're not going to damage any wires or coolant pipes you should be ok


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Best not drilling any holes - 2 lumps of wood up the sides and one across the top - make them a tight fit and use the moulded in shelf supports - 2 decent screw eyes for your s hooks and job's a good un. Looks like you might need some 6 or 7 x 2 as a fair way up from your top shelf supports to the top of the fridge.