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Hi fellas.

Some chaps from this site have also joined CentrefireUK. No problem,as both sites owners actively encourage a healthy sharing of members,and assist each other in Troll hunting.

CentrefireUK has an extremely strict policy on who joins the site, and free email accounts are not accepted without reference.

If you are a member on this site and wish to join CentrefireUK, please PM me.

If you attempt to join using a free email account it will not be activated.
Any problems PM me

This also goes along way to preventing someone hijacking your name, and then using it on another site as a Troll.

As stated by Beowulf, there will be a charter drawn up amongst the hunting sites. CentrefireUK, and Stalking Directory, along with Ukvarminting intend to lead the way in this charter.

Cross referring will help the administrators to keep the sites enjoyable and informative.

Happy posting

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