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Is anyone else having a problem getting reloading components? I have been trying to get some 55gn Vmax's for my 223 for about 2 months, I have only got 6 rounds left.
My local gunshop says 'we've got 40s' or 'there on order'
No federal primers, sold out of Varget.
I've been letting my mate do all the shooting but now he's working on the rearing feild i want to get out on my own.
Do any of you know of a shop within a reasonable distance of Shrewsbury that sells reloading components, apparently Morgans of Oswestry are going to start but haven't got anything yet.



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Yes the gunroom manager is John, he used to be the manager at minsterly then went to BWM them ended up at Morgans.
he plans to expand into reloading, the last time we spoke he was going to start carrying a lot more airgun stuff. If anyone in the area wants him to start stocking Reloading components i suggest telling him that you are a reloader and that you are local, the more people that ask about reloading kit the better as if there is a demand i'm sure John will stock it.
With regards to Minsterley, No comment.



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I would suggest Mike Norris. He's a big Hornady follower and when I was in a couple of weeks ago had a decent stock in but I can't comment specifically about the 55 grn V-Max. Have you tried the 40 grn job? They're outstanding in my brother's .22-250.

Let me know if you need Mike's details.

Good luck,



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There seems to be a shortage of Hornady and also I believe Nosler as well.

The only place that I gaurantee will have what you need is Aftab at Reloading Solutions. They are in Oxford however and now have a new shop (which is about 15 mins from the M40).

Other than that it is probably a case of looking for an alternative.

By the way can I ask who had the 40 Grn V Max in stock. It is just what I am after but couldn't get them the other day from Norman Clark?
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