Reload Swiss powder choice for 6.5x47Lapua

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Hi all,

Any recommendations for reload swiss powders for 143grain ELD-X in 6.5x47Lapua?

20 inch 1:8 twist barrel...

All thoughts and advice greatfully recieved.


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RS62 might be worth checking. RS60 is a high energy option, which might make up for the shorter barrel and attendant minor velocity loss.
I am also about to try RS52, but under 130 TMKs from a 24" barrel.


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looks like 38 grains of either is a good charge the 60 giving you around 2700fps the 62 about 120fps less. Whoops posted on my personal account for SGArms!!


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RS50 or 52 (high-energy with nitroglycerin); RS62 or 60 (high-energy with nitroglycerin). There are probably more 60 users than anything else around as it gives high MVs, also very good results in most rifles.

IME though, many 6.5X47L rifles seem to either like a slower burning powder (4350s, RS60 and 62), or those in the next step faster group (H. VarGet, N140, RS50 and 52, Alliant Re15), but rarely like powders from both. The problem is knowing what yours will like as the only way to find out is to try both.

The X47L case capacity seem to straddle an internal ballistics relationship line. Go up to the next slightly larger capacity group - Creedmoor and 260 Rem and although 'quicker' powders like N140, RS50 and 52 can be used, there are clear benefits in choosing RS60/62, Viht N550 and even N160.

2428 miles

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Thanks all very much!
Rifle gets on well with RL15 shooting 120 and 130 grain pills.
Fancied a bit more mv if pushing the 140+ and a 20inch barrel. RS60 is looking good!