Reloading 308 and 300 win mag, which press to do both and what manual?


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Good evening

Planning to start reloading. Read some great posts on here and watched plenty on YouTube.

Before I invest, would welcome any advice on reloading presses as keen to buy once and get a quality piece of kit that will load both my 308 and 300 win mag, with the right dies. Probably going to go for one of the reloading press kits from Lee or RCBS.

Also any recommendations on the best reloading manual so I can buy and learn before getting started and stuck in.



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I started with Lee 23 years ago.

Its fine and if youre on a budget with no need for volume will serve well.

However, most people that load any sort of volume or really require precision, move to Redding/RCBS or similar quality (Lyman, Hornady) so think about buying quality once, possibly worth investing in second hand quality gear if you can get it.

Get an O press whichever brand, not a C press.

Lee dies are surprisingly good but I prefer Redding.

Eric the Red

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Got a Hornady Lock N Load Progressive AP press sat here unused. Would give you a complete one stop solution. I'd recommend buying the Hornady reloading book on iTunes - others are also delivering like this, so easy to have to hand.