For Sale: Reloading bits 22250


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Selling some bits I no longer need/use,

Box of nosler brass (new) sealed box for 22250 #10065 x50 count, £68

Remington (RP) once fired brass, for 22250, x80 count, £35

Rcbs full length die set,
22250 rem £40

Hornady v max, 22 cal .224'
60gr, x92 count, £22

Nosler Varmageddon 22 cal. 224'
new box and sealed fb tipped, 17270
55gr x250 count £62

Nosler varmageddon 22cal. 224'
New, but opened, fb tipped, 17270
55gr x100 count £25

Berger flat base varmint
22 cal, hollow point 22309
52gr x64 count £26

Lyman brass Smith powder trickler,
New, in box, unused,