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Hi All,

I've decided to start reloading as the choice of factory ammo for my 7x57 is quite limited (and expensive). I've decided on a Lee kit and dies and Midway have a good variety of bullets and brass. However, do you get your powder from? Is there a recommended brand people use?



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I have tried alliant, viht and hodgdon. they are all ok nowdays i think. i would suggest one that you can get pretty easily. hodgdon seem easy to get locally for me. Price is getting silly now. vectan is quite cheap at the moment and some people love it.

i use re 19 in 7mm and H4350 in .30-06 now. i have used viht in the past it was also fine.



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Hi SP4.
Invest in a copy of MODERN RELOADING, 2nd EDITION, by Richard Lee.
Pages 358 to 362 are devoted to the 7X57.
See which powders are available in your area then consult the book and choose a powder appropriate to the bullet weight you intend to use.

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