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OK, what do I need to get me up and running with reloading?

The jargon and theory out there needs to be cracked first, to this end I have ordered "Modern Reloading, Second Edition" by Richard Lee.

I know this wont give me everything I need but will point me in the right direction.

Then there is the kit, dies, presses, scales, cleaners, etc etc.

What is the minimum items of kit I need to start me reloading???

(For info it is 243 that I am looking at)



sussex lad

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300wsm said:
Lee Anerversary Reloading Kit, Set(s) of Dies, Case length Cutter, Primers, Powder, Bullets.
Thats exactly what i started with, with the addition of a tumbler and a couple of ammo trays :D


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A decent manual or half a dozen! Rockchucker press will last a lifetime, good set of scales, 505 are good, electronics ok but do go out of calibration easily. A Lee handpress will get you started. Lee or RCBS Dies, don't bother with competition dies. Primers, cases and powder and bullets of course! I would not personally bother with a tumbler you can clean the cases by hand and give them a good inspection. Oh and case lube, I have used vasoline in the past (but thats a different story!)
Be slow, check everything twice, no distractions and get as much knowledge as you can.
And Safety Glasses.
Good luck


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splash said:
Try posting what county you live in and someone local should help you.

Sussex Lad is a shooting partner of old so I am sure he will help, in fact he has already offered a bits and bobs.

So the Lee Kit is this @ £99:

Dies @ £29.99:

Case length trimmer @ £4.75:

Plus scales, eye protection and the primers, powder and bullets.

Does not sound too bad, just need to sort a bench at which to mount things.
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