Reloading for 300 Win Mag

Can be reloaded in a pretty straightforward manner. N160 is a go to powder - somewhere on 72gr. Some say neck tension is critical because it is so short necked - and getting consistent OAL can be a pain. Also watch out if you're thinking of loading longer, heavier bullets for target in terms of magazine length. But not a drama.


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I have tried:

IMG 4831
and some Remington factory powder recovered from 120 rounds of pulled ammo

Primer - Fed Magnum Gold, CCI250 LR magnums

150gr Nosler BT
155gr AMax
180gr Corelokt
185gr Lapua Mega
200gr Norma Oryx
208gr AMax

My picture left is 208gr loaded with 78gr H1000 at 94mm to tip and crimped. This is a single feed round as its too long for the mag
very accurate, thats 5 at 130yds

I get similar results with 69.9gr of Remington Powder and 180gr Corelokt loaded to 88mm OAL

don't find the neck length an issue but I do notice the cartridge is much fussier across the load charge range with some powders
with others it was genuinely hard to choose a level as they were all much of a muchness

So what would you do? (reloading conundrum)

300WM 208gr AMax result
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