Reloading for a Bergara B14 - 6.5 Creedmoor - 24'' - 1.08 twist.

White Hart

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Seeking advice from those with practical experience from the directory on reloading for the above with non lead...

If you can provide some helpful advice that would be greatly appreciated but some ground rules if I may - this is probably not everyone's favorite rifle, defiantly not everyone's favorite caliber, and most defiantly not everyone's choice of projectile media.... but just be nice - please...

Recently picked up the above rifle and the gun shop have a range, went to zero / break in the rifle, picked up some factory to get going... Now I went non lead not because I want to bla bla bla don't judge me.....

# Hornady 120gr GMX (3050fps) (non lead) - well I might as well have thrown a handful of them down the range terrible terrible group.

# Hornady 140gr ELD Match (2710fps) - all clover leafing. (I just used this to check the rifle and break it in)

This was literally to get me zeroed and check the rifle / break the barrel in, now I'm ready to reload, what are people finding works / gives the best results?

Much appreciated



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I use Hornady 147gr ELD Match in mine and get cloverleaf grouping at 100m, not had the chance to extend the range yet. I'm using Viht N160 with these bullets.

White Hart

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Appreciate that malmick thanks. Starting out on the GMX threw my confidence but the ELD proved it was a shooter.