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I want to start to reload ammo for my .223 does anyone have any info on what is the best set up for a novice and what do i need to start out.

I am under the impression that Lee do some very good/user friendly kit.

Where is the best/cheapest place to find the kit?

An info would be great,



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Reloading Solutions are fantastic and will supply pretty much everything that you need.

A few suggestions:

1. Try to find someone in your local club/area who is an experienced re-loader who is willing to teach. Steer clear of the armchair warriors who boast of 'stoking up' the rounds and maximising the velocity/powder charge/ etc. What you're looking for is someone who consistently reloads their own ammo with tight, uniform, predictable results.

2. Get youself a good reloading manual and only the manual; do not buy any kit yet. Modern Reloading by Richard Lee should do. Read it, read it again and jot down any questions you have.

Essentially all the brands do the same thing. You can buy a single stage, multi stage or all-singing-all-dancing set up but the basic theory is the same. What actual brand you end up with will largely be determined by availability, what the person teaches you uses and eventually personal tastes. I personally wouldn't use anything other than RCBS but many others will swear the same about Lee kit.

Concentrate in understanding the principles and developing a consistent and methodical routine before investing your hard-earned cash. Ask nicely and someone may even lead you through the stages using their kit at first.


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I'm happy to help where are you? If your local then we can get it together 8).

I'm Wilts way but happy to travel for coffee and biscuits (choccy ones)



Thankyou for the info fellas.

Sorry for not replying sooner chaps, computer broke and i have only just got it back from the shop.

I am located in Lancaster oop north so although your offers for meeting up are incredibly kind the distance is a little too far.

I have located and read the modern reloading book by mr. lee and am starting to re-read it now. So much to take in.

Now if i were to be rash and buy the absolute minimum amount of kit what set-up should i get for loading a small amount of ammo? and what powder should i buy for 55 grain bullets?


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Damn was lookin forward to a choccy biccy now the missus has put me on another diet :cry:

Not enough info Adam

Rifle, twist, bullet type, job its got to do etc...


Sorry i don't seem to have the grasp of the quick response, spending to much time chasing geese round the salt marshes.

I don't know what the twist is in my rifle it is however a Tikka T3 Hunter. i want to get two different bullet weights sorted someting for vermin around the mid to high 40 grains and a deer round for Scotland in the upper 50 grains.

I have quite liked the Norma bullets i have used they seem very efficient.

Any further info would be great and i will be more on the ball in responses.



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Have a look on the manufacturers web sites, some, I cannot recall which, have guides to reloading, as well as other info.
IE: Lyman, Redding, RCBS, Lee, as well as powder makers: Lapua, Hodgedon, et al
The internal ballistics page on the Hornady web site informs you what happens to a case when it is fired and why it needs trimming:
There is a guide to reloading further down this page by Swampy.
Reloaders nests is good also.
Take care and keep notes of everything.


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I have only started reloading recently . I bought a Lee anniversary, pack from MIDWAYS , and other stuff from my local Gunsmiths , who advised me didn't rip me off and suggested alternatives to my expensive choices.

Which do the job admirably well.I did splash out on a set of digital scales ! £ 38.00 , just to confirm my own errors ! and piece of mind.

The reloading part of the site has step by step guidance , by well established reloaders , I avidly look at this information,. It all seems daunting at first, my only real input to this thread is, if possible do it by numbers, follow the manuals guidance. AND IF POSSIBLE HAVE A MENTOR!, that is so you can coo and giggle when things go right , :lol: and blame him when things go wrong, 8)

You will spend less of your free time, gardening and shopping, to be taken up with the true pursuit of perfection! .

Some of the older lags on the site have been doing it for years,
and still havn't found the holy grail of reloading.

Happy pursuit of the grail and a happy new year
Regards Trapper
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