Reloading of Silvertip Cases

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Hi Guys
Just starting into reloading and wondered what you experts :D have to say about the re loading of Silvertip cases. I have been using the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip bullets on foxes mainly for years and was wondering if anyone had any experience or use of these once re loaded. Hopefully they will be ok to use as I've got hundreds of them.
Cheers Gaz

ruby tuesday

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use them myself for 243 loads done about five loads in them so far with no signs of case failures, had to trim the length a couple of times which exposes the brass but then I have run them pretty hot.

Richard Parsons

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I have reloaded both, brass and the silver ones, same dimensions same powder weight same bullet same hole same lifespan. only difference I can see is appearance.

paul o'

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over time the nickel will come off in the tumbler other than that i'v got lots and use them for high seat days as if i drop one i don't cry at the los,s, as i would if it were lap case . load and treat them the same way, thay won't last as long and may split in some case's for give the pun ! thay may also chip around the mouth aswell just keep an eye and bin the ones that don't pass go!! if not i'll have them
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when i bought my 300 wsm it came with quite a few boxes of winchester silver tips and i have reloaded them so far 4 times and i have just started finding split necks , like others have said when case trimming it obviously exposes the brass but other than that im quite happy getting 4-5 reloads especially with such a fair size calibre
​regards andy
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