Reloading supplies in the Detroit region


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On holiday in Warren, Mi for a few days.

Wednesday - Cabelas Dundee. Plenty of most things with some gaps in the bullet availability. A rationing system is in place for powders and primers - 1lb powder and 500 primers per individual purchase. Most RCBS, Hornady and Lee tools on the shelf. Bought the RCBS universal priming tool I have been coveting.

Today (Monday) - Gander Mountain Utica (20 Mile Road IIRC) zilch, zero, absolute F all unless you need 7mm bullets (of which they had about 350 on the shelf) or RCBS reloading accessories (shellholders,case trimming stuff etc).

I asked the guys in Gander and they said their management is more short sighted than most and didn't buy forward.


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Contact Mike at Reloading International (based in Oregon)

He will ship Fed Ex what you need to your hotel or wherever your staying.

​He has gone more than the extra mile for the GB F class team who are competing in the WC at Raton New Mexico in a weeks time, very very helpful guy


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Thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately we lost computer access as we were in the Michigan UP.

I will contact Mike next trip.