Reloading Winchester Silver Tip 'silver cases'

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As title, when I bought my .223 I bought 100 Winchester 55gr ballistic silver tips with it, I'm halfway through them and as I'm now getting into the reloading side of things I was going to reuse the cases.

They are silver in colour and I had assumed that they were nickel plated however having FL sized and trimmed them the shavings are the same silver colour throughoit. I understand that loading steel cartridges is best avoided particularly to the novice loader. They don't attract to magnets so I'm really not sure if they're steel or not!

Just wondering if anyone else reloads these successfully?


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They reload just fine, just watch the necks for cracks as they seem to go hard quicker than standard brass, I assume due to the coating.atb
+1 :thumb: I have nickel cases for both .243Win & .25-06 they reload and work just fine. I understand annealing nickel cases doesn't work well, so when they're ready for scrapping just chuck 'em. ATB

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As said watch out for case neck cracks. Just loaded some 243 and had to chuck a couple after full length re sizing, they probably won't last as long as plain brass ones.