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it seems i read a lot about handloading and some of you do have trouble it is not just the amount of powder.
it is also the length of the bullet best is you get your self a stoney point guage to find out the max length of the bullet you can use to the lance in your rifle.then take away 2 thou of the length.
as diffrent brands of the same .243 cal will be diffrent length it is no good for you or your rifle.
also its no good someone giving you one of his handloads ready made up becouse you maynot even be able to fit it in you rifle the bullet maybe to long.
you an idea of were to start get an empty brass shell with no primer cut it to length run it in the die to size body then open the neck just so you can fit a bullt head in it the fit in rifleclose the bolt 2 or 4 times then take the bullet out size it up with the guage take 2 thou of it and load to that work from there you will not go wrong.
make sure you use the right bullet head for the amount of twist in your barrel and barrel length if poss
hope this helps you guys
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