Remington .22/250 vssf load


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I am looking for info on what is a good load for my remy .22/250 vssf. I have used 55 grain nosler balistic tips tried, v max, a max all with varget powder but not as good as it shoul be. It has a leopold 6.5/20x50 lrt scope shooting from a bench with a sand bag and group about half inch at 100 m, surely it should be better than that. Before you say it is me I can put bullet after bullet on top of each other with my .308.

jay 22

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1/2 inch is good for 3 shots. i wouldn't worry about it to much. the foxes wont mind ;)


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i use nosler ballistic tips with h380 powder its bloody quick and have you had the trigger lightened that may cut it down a bit tighter i can put 3 touching at 100 next try setting it off the lanse by 10 000 worked for me stu


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I would give another powder a go :idea:
Agree with Black Lab, for me the powders that worked best were H4895 until I tried Vit N140, these are used with 55g Vmax molys. I've had three different 22-250's over the years and all have showed a liking for the 55g Vmaxes molys.


bruxie hill

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22-250 load

this load has worked very well in 3 vssf,s that i know of
34.5 grn varget
remmy primer
55 v/max
loaded .0020" 0ff the lands
around 3550 fps
shoots clover leaf`s all day

remember to work up

all the best bruxie


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I had a 700 VSSF for 6-7 years and used 37grn Varget with 55gn v-max, if I did my bit sub 1" at 200yrds.