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Sold: Remington 700/Accuracy International .300 Win Mag

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Brand new Remington 700 sps .300 win mag rifle £750
Built by j Russell Firearms cost over £2200
Accuracy International AT stock long action New £700
New 6-13 Harris swivel Bipod £99
New Remington 20 MoA rail £70
Custom tactical bolt knob £150
New ASE SL 7 .300 win mag Stainless steel moderator ceracoted same colour as stock comes with custom made adaptor from m15 to m18 thread for when time Comes to put a new fluted barrel on. £360 plus £40 for ceracoated

Timney trigger set under 2lbs New £145 fitted
comes with 30 rounds of 180 grain federal powershock £31 for 20
original stock all parts and packaging
Rifle has fired 10 rounds only and is a dream to fire. Recoil similar now to a .243

Can be sold seperate as 700 SPS synthetic rifle with timney trigger, custom Tactical bolt and Remington 20 MOA Rail £700 with 30 rounds 180 Grain ammo
Accuracy international AT Long action Stock Brand New £600
Brand new SL 7 stainless moderator .30 Cal. Ceracoted dark tan £350

Absolute Bargain at £1500, quick sale needed


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Cheers mate gutted to get rid but going to drop to .308 and have it as secondary fox rifle. More cost effective and practicle in these tough times :)


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Would you be interested in selling the sticky bipod and mono pod that enable it to stick to the roof?

Nice looking rifle though!


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I'm sure I've seen this very rifle just after it's completion, if so it was a fricking beauty.


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can you elaborate on what work if any has been done to the SPS or is it just a stock swap?
Doh, I'm being thick, not the same one as I saw.
I'm sure the baby I held was the thick end of 7K

Nevertheless a nice set-up for someone.
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