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Now it may be time for me to eat humble pie!! (well actually I said I would eat my hat IIRC)
I swore I would NEVER own or even entertain the idea of owning a REMINGTON 700 of any description, but I have to say I am rather smitten with the looks of the new 700 VTR, admittedly it is a rather quirky looking beastie, but................ I like it!
I am seriously considering one and maybe dropping my existing .308.............?
What are the opinions of you learned gentlemen??


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ssgpiv said:
I like it. But how many rifle does a man need. :lol:

Well the honest answer is I have more than a few but less than enough ;)
(although trying to convince the wife of my methodology is slightly more tricky, "honestly dear each rifle does fill a specific niche" :lol: )
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