remmy or tikka


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I was in the same situation, which to buy. It came down to the fact that I would have to wait eight weeks for delivery for the Remmy or buy the T3 lite off the shelf. So I got the 243 T3 lite and was so impressed that a month later, brought the T3 varmint in 308.


T3's cheap junk. IMO

If you have to wait for the Remmy, there are some fantastic price cut deals going on right now on them.


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The Tikka is cheap but its certainly not junk. I do however find that is shoots much better if you take it completely out of the box. :)



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I had the same choice in Feb,
Went for a Winchester coyote lite in the end,it had the best features of the rem and and IMO better features than the T3, but was £ 200 cheaper than the rem.


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My other half has recently got a remmy in 22.250 a cracking wee weapon when l compared the remmy to the tika when looking for a replacement .243 the remmy would defiantly be my preferred choice.