Renewal of F.A.C


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Hi There,
My licence has just gone in for renewal and on it i have a .22 .243 and a .270, but sold my .270 a while ago now, if that makes sense, anyway, when filling in the part about how much and what ammo you have got in your possession i have got 50 rounds of .270, my point being that i strongly suspect that my licence may come back, minus my .270, as the firearms department seem to take of you what you have not had for a while, although i have got every intention of getting another one, eventually, surely if this were to happen then it would make me a criminal for having ammo in my possession without it on my licence. Just preparing myself thats all. Any comments, or anybody had it done and how would i stand, legally.


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renewal of fac


yes indeed, i did inform them that i had got rid of it, bout 2 yrs ago now, and i have put down on the application that i have got 50 rounds of .270 in my possession, maybe worrying about nothing, but you know what they are like, any excuse to take em of you.
cheers for your response though.