Replacement Rod for DAC Gunmaster Gun Cleaning Kit


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Hi Folks,
Last year I bought myself a .22 and .243 from a former gamekeeper and he threw in a DAC Gunmaster cleaning kit which I have to say I was pretty impressed with. Nice and compact and covered everything from the shotgun down to the .22 for me. However, the rod for the smaller calibres which breaks down into three sections has had the threaded section sheared off on one section (and it is fixed solid into the the other section) so it is effectively useless. I've got myself a single section replacement but it isn't so handy when away, so was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to buy replacement parts for this kit and if so who sells them. Ideally I would be looking for the middle and handle end section only (being a frugal Highlander) but happy to purchase the three sections if they are sold in a set.