Requesting some DVD'S


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Hi all i know this mite sound cheeky but i've bin into deer stalking & conservation for about a year or so i've bought the DSC 1 to read & learn more on. I was wondering if anybody had any level one DVD's going spare & level two. The pennies are tite at the moment but i am saving up for the DSC level 1 & 2 courses. I try to do the all the joint in & portioning my self but i need to move onto the next step now. But if there are any deer identification, carcase butchery too gralloching & post mortem inspection DVDS going spare i will be grate full to BUY them. I find it an amazing sport & im wanting & willing too learn as much as possiable.


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Hi Weeman

Remember that DSC2 is not a course as such - it is a practical assessment of your skills

I am currently attempting DSC2 and am finding it pretty tough ... as it should be

It might be best to get a bit of field experience under your belt before going for it

As for training videos, the BDS offers a DVD of the gralloch which is very good and comprehensive




Hi Weeman,
if you look on the that well known auction site there are several people selling level 1 and 2 dvd's there mostly copies but of good enough quality! there's one on gralloching for £1.99! you can't go wrong! Nice to see you are keen to learn as much as you can but you will as stated definately need some practical field experience after obtaining level 1 before attemting level 2 so be warned.
all the best. :lol: