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Afternoon One and All!

Seeing as you all think we talk about the same old same old, here’s little question!
I was just wandering if anyone had any cunning ways of aligning ones reticle correctly without having to spend any money on gadgets.

I mounted a scope and recon I have got it about right but then when I’m out and about I think it’s not quite perfectly perpendicular. I have had no trouble shooting with it but it is just niggling at me so thought next time I zero the weapon I will re mount the scope.
Just wandered if any of you wise weasels had a cunning method!



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Miles, this is what I do....

Take a large target board and using an equally large peice of paper (I use an A2 wide role) mark a vertical line with a spirit level with a thick black marker. Draw an aiming point at the bottom of the line.

Go back 100yds (or to your zero distance) and set up a bench. Ensure that the bench is level in both axis and cannot move. This is essential!

Set your rifle up with a non-titling bipod and a sandbag for the butt.

Place a shot at the aiming marker. Wind up the elevation by 10MOA and shoot a single shot again, at the aiming marker. The 2nd shot should on very close to the vertical line... if not adjust your scope in your mounts and do it again. I mark my scope with chaulk pen so I can gauge how much to twist it.

A mate showed me this on a vid some years ago. I thought it a bit of overkill but tried it anyway. It does work and is very accurate... if very tedious!


verticle alignment

I just do it by eye. I think i dont hold the rifle truly verticle when shooting, i think it tilts in at the top.