Retro Rifle - (Enfield Enforcer or M85)

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​I'm fancying an old school rifle like the Parker Hale M85 or the Enfield Enforcer or similar. Some thing a bit retro and classic looking.

But I'd like one in near new condition / unused condition.

Wheres the best place to get one ?

Has anyone owned one of these and what are they like of accuracy ?

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alberta boy

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I own a Parker-Hale T-4, their version of an Enfield Envoy. It currently has a Bushnell 3200 10 X scope on it ( I still have the original PH target sights.) With decent ammo it will shoot well under 1 moa for 5 shots. It is a sentimental favourite of mine as it belonged to my uncle,who used to shoot at Bisley and other clubs in England with it. When the handgun ban was brought in over there he packed in shooting and gave it to me.Its not state of the art but I really enjoy shooting it. I did shoot one decent sized Mule-Deer with it, but to be honest, its a bit on the heavy side for the mountains lol.



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Hi Rob.
Norman Clarke may be worth a call. He bought all the Parker Hale stock when they ceased trading and could possibly have something.


paul o'

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my old work rifle was an l42a1 shot the m85 nice and would be my choice for some thing with a kick:rofl:


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My target-rifles are
a Parker Hale T4, which is a No4 Mk2 action fitted with a PH 7.62 target barrel and into civilian target woodwork, and
a post-war BSA 12/15 Martini .22LR

all good clean fun, but I think I could do with a Mauser-action 7.62 with a longer barrel so that the bullets come out faster.


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Apart from Norman Clark are there any companies who could put together a L42A1 / Parker Hale T4, look alike from unissued parts ?


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Another option would be the Parker-Hale 1200 TX. Sadly M85's in good condition fetch quite a bit of money.

Bill Wapiti

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I'm sure the guys at would be able to steer you in the right direction.....nice website that !
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