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Hi, I used to jump on here a while ago when I was just getting into firearms and members of this forum helped me out considerably in terms of passing on knowledge and advise. Since then I have held a SGC for 15 years and FAC for 10 years. Previous employment lead me into a professional ballistics technician role, with over 2000 hours of small arms cartridge reloading, from .17cal through to 40mm heavy weaponry, for the home office and many other UK defence and aerospace companies. I live in Powys, Mid Wales and own a CZ452 22rf, a Mauser M18 .223 and a Rem 700 Police .308. I rarely take Deer, as there are few local to me, but mostly I spend my shooting sqeaking foxes on the lamp and the occasional farm hedgerow bunny with the rimfire. I'm sure to pick up more knowledge as we're always learning and if I can help anyone with anything then I'm always more than happy to help. No question is a silly question.
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