Review- Hawke Vantage 30 WA SF IR 4-16×50 Rimfire .22 subsonic reticle with mount and Vortex Defender Caps

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Hi all,

Doing a quick review on the following scope that came out earlier this month. Product page here.

A very long winded model name for what is essentially a rimfire scope with premium centerfire features (more below), unique selling point is a BDC reticle calibrated for .22 subsonic ammo.

Scope arrived last week, ordered direct from Hawke. Had made inquiries previously, all answered promptly and accurately. Needed a new scope for the rimfire so I ordered on the day it became available online.

Fitted into a Hawke one piece mount, (OK for the price, thankfully recoil is not an issue) got it zeroed and fitted a pair of Vortex Defender scope caps (delivered promptely by Optics Warehouse :thumb:). These looked more appropriate than the metal Hawke offerings (why on earth? the noise!!!) but they are a poor man's Tenabrex really. Not too bothered as the scope is not a £1k+ investment; the objective cap works a lot better than the eyepiece cap which is too flexible, does not 'pop' open nicely and had to secure with electrical tape to stop it sliding off (it should fit as the scope dimensions are within its listed range).

Anyway, onto the scope! The 'premium centerfire features' I describe are as follows:

-50mm objective, pretty much industry standard now.

- Adjustable parallax (please stop calling it 'side focus'!) via turret from 10 yards (big plus) to infinity. (By the way, the graduated scale is not accurate, but I really don't care as it is not a ranging tool!)

- Has illumination, green or red with 5 graduated levels of brightness on the side of the adjustable parallax turret. Nice to have but given the choice I would either remove this feature or make it one colour only, as it is not essential and adds bulk.

-Locking turrets in 1/4 MOA graduations. I really lament this as I think MOA is on its way out, the US military only uses Mil scopes now and I think it is a matter of time before MOA disappears. Turrets work OK and the scale can be adjusted once zeroed.

-The reticle works, it is a graduated scale from '50' in the centre of scope going down in '25' increments out to '200' but I think this is a little optimistic as I would not shoot past 125m at live quarry. The scope is second focal plane as this is necessary for the BDC to work. 14x is listed as accurate for metric ranges and 16x for imperial. As you increase mag the space between aiming points decreases, and vice versa for decreasing mag. Important to note, if you take a shot with the scope at 4x using the BDC it will not be accurate (the round will go a lot higher than intended!).

Anyway, tried two different types of subsonic ammo (Eley and Winchester) and shot a total of 200 rounds with it so far. Hawke says it is calibrated for ammo with a 1057 fps (322 m/s) MV. Neither type of ammo that I used had exactly that MV but both worked fine out to 125 meters on the BDC once zeroed. The Eley has a lower MV (1040 fps) compared to the Winchester (1065 fps) but I felt the Eley worked a bit better even though the Winchester MV is closer to Hawke's listed MV. I think the Eley was more consistent an hence more predictable as the Winchester does crack an occasional supersonic round.

However, I am happy to use either brand of ammo and the locking turrets make it easy to change zero (and it does hold zero).

Overall, this is a reasonably well made (in China I suspect!) scope which has some good features which you pay for. I would say it is worthwhile for a .22LR subsonic shooter who does a mix of target and varmint shooting. The reticle could have done with being marked with 25,50 (centre), 75, 100, 125 and 150 graduations instead of further down to 175 and 200. I won't bother tracking down ammo with an exact MV of 1057 fps to see if it works perfectly at the further distances. As previously stated I won't be shooting that far with this calibre; its possible I know, but a bit of a 'Hail Mary' shot when done offhand and unsupported in a sporter .22LR (Tikka T1x).

Would I buy it again if given the chance? Yes, but not as with as much enthusiasm. If it was priced at £200 with mount included and my suggestions implemented it would be the best in its class.

That being said, I have no interest whatsoever in Hawke's centerfire offerings.

They have filled a niche with this scope, but only just.


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Hi, 2-3 months ago got the same, other than had the 10 x 1/2 mil dot, use on a .22 rf got it due to recommendation for a pard 007, works well , no difference I can tell with the hawke sidewinder I use on a .17hmr , no complaints , did not come with the 1mm allen key for the the turrets to zero , contacted hawke and sent straight out.


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I use one of these on my RF setup (standard Ruger 10/22) I found the the BDC bang on for use with CCI subs. If you change your ammo for CCI Mini Mags when you want extra power (obviously faster and flatter) you just go down a 25m increment. So for 75m use 50m and so on. It’s uncannily predictable out to about 100m. I opted not to use Hawke mounts instead using Deadnutz Gamereaper which you can get on eBay for the Ruger easily and for not much. I’ve not used it much of late, but I am happy with it so far.
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