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Talk of Ron Wharton and his rifles in another thread caused me to dig out some photos of a REWA4 bore rifle he had in his workshop on one of my many visits there. I thought I'd post a couple of pics. It was a whoppa and was built by another rifle maker a friend of Ron's who I cant recall his name. He was quite frail even when this was built getting on for 15+ years agho I guess and pre diseased Ron by some years. It was built for an Italian client Paolo someone who was a regular at BSRC. (You may be on here!) I was there when it was fired and a h311 of a whumph. Never got a go myself

I'd forgotten about Ron's big ivory bracelet. His place was an absolute Aladdin's Cave and he always found a reason to sell you something or fund another big rifle project. I ended up with 3, a .275 and 375 H&H of his and a refurbed Hollis 500NE His sales tactic on the 375 was to save the next consecutive serial number after the 275 and tell me a year later what he done and I needed a 375 big brother to make a pair for my Africa trips.....

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A trip to Ron's workshop was like a step back in time.
I spent many a happy hour drooling over the collection of weapons he had.

Greener Jim

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Giles is around 6'5" if I'm not mistaken so a few inches on this pretender! The rifle was so impressive it even made the gent in the photo's beard grow!


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Blimey now the names from the past are coming out.
I met Giles through Greg Felton way back in the 70's
Does anybody have a rifle made by the late Mike Tierney of Customs Rifles in Southampton ?
Mike used to have his workshop above my gunshop in St Mary Street.