Rifle bag / case recommendations Tikka T3 Tac A1


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Hi guys

I have a 24 inch barrel length Tikka T3x Tac A1 and I am looking for recommendations for a decent quality reasonably priced Rifle bag or hard case for it. The rifle is pretty large in dimensions, any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.

paul o'

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Aim drag bag imo is the way to go well made good protection and lots of places to store bits inc a cleaning rod .


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I had the Aim Scout 50 combo with the mat too when I had my TAC A1. Big enough to take the rifle fully extended, if yours is only for the Tac A1 then maybe get the shorter bag that let's the rifle fit in folded so it takes up less room. I only went for the longer bag as it was also for my other hunting rifles too.


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I agree as above with Aim bags, lubricate the zips first as they will get on your wick struggling but they heavy duty. I have a mdt side folder and you can go for the folding aim bag either left or right folding they have a bag for you -

Aim FS Bag

I have one and it's great piece of kit.


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I have the same rifle and really wanted the AIM Scout 50 combination (in Tan) to go with it. However, I contacted AIM in early July to be advised they would become available in August. We are now half way through September and still not available. I got fed up with waiting, had a look at what else was might work and settled on a Ridgeline Sniper drag bag. I'm pretty pleased with it; the quality seems good, it's got all the features I need but what's more it could have been made with the Tac A1 in mind. It's just the right length (muzzle brake fitted) and depth for a really good fit. My shooting mat rolls up and fits in one of the outer pockets as well. The only negative is that it's green rather than the tan really wanted but it doesn't affect the functionality. I don't know how well it'll stand up to prolonged use but time will tell. Also on the plus side - it's a fair bit cheaper than the AIM.

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Can you remove all the tactical crap clasps etc from inside an AIM. I take my rifle out about 10 times every outing so will not use them nor will I want them screwing up my stock.

I don't actually want a drag bag just a bomb proof large simple slip......


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Just Purchased an Aim 55 drag bag from a member off this site, in as new condition. I'm very happy with it and thanks for all your suggestions guys. I had never heard of AIM products before the recommendations.