Rifle Bedding Sako M591


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Just after a bit of advice with regards to bedding my rifle (Sako M591).

I can consistently get 1 inch groups at 100m with my .243 with a variety of ammo but id like to improve accuracy if possible.

Iv done some research on the bedding process and it seems that a lot of people remove material from the stock in order to get more bedding material into place.

Is this completely neccessary or can i do without this part?

I dont reallly have the tools needed to do this and if i can get away without then thats what id like to do.

The other thing is that some people have mentioned fabricating an improved recoil lug to replace the one currently on this model. Is this neccessary or can i just bed the current recoil lug in with good effect? I dont really have the capabilities of making one of these myself so id like to avoid it if possible.

Thanks in advance.


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Redmist on here is a wealth of knowledge on this subject
if you look at his posts you should find a post on bedding and pillering a m591 he's done

The tramp

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I bedded the original recoil block then made pillars to suit, then bedded the action on two M591's I owned, made a small but noticeable improvement. The recoil block on the 591's is better than on the T3's


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To be effective, any bedding job needs pillars AND a reasonable thickness of compound (I use at least 1/4") under the action.

On the Tikka and Sako actions with the ferrule, I always fabricate a replacement recoil lug - yes you can glue in the "L" shaped alloy lug, but its a half measure.

Do it properly or get it done properly...

If anyone offers a "skim bedding" job, walk away, not worth the money without pillars as well….