Wanted: Rifle Courses/Lessons


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Does anyone know of any decent rifle courses or lessons that are available to book in the South East? Can either be target or sporting.

I'm a member of the NRA and have checked their website but they dont seem to be running any rifle courses for the foreseeable future. Looking to improve technique and understanding generally.


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Buy an air rifle, preferably a .177 PCP, as the principles are the same (yes, even recoil management, despite what some idiots on here choose to believe).

A good air rifle shooter can become a good centre-fire shooter, but all good centre-fire shooters are good air rifle shooters.

Thankfully in Englandshire these require no paperwork, unlike up here were the powers that be decided to effectively ban them by making them equivalent to a shotgun in terms of the application and licensing process.

wabbit warren

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I did a rifle training course back in 2003 with RIFLECRAFT LTD
dont know if there still going or still doing courses