Rifle flight case


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I am looking for a new hard case for my rifle. I have a very old one but it's too short for my rifle with mod on and I want one to be long enough to have the rifle ready, also deal enough for a bipod to be on top. If poss a double rifle case but that's not a necessity.

Any ideas guys much appreciated

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Agree with Peli, very strong, but you may find keeping the mod' on, massively increases the size of case you need, apart from checking your destination country allows mod's, most of Europe don't.

Don't forget to take into account the transport at the other end, most of the larger cases won't fit in the boot of most cars, and take up a lot of space on the rear seat.


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Hi Jim,
Why would you want to keep your Mod on, the longer it stays on, without meticulous cleaning and greasing the thread, the more chance of ruining your barrel crown.
I have a Litt's case that I might want to sell...for the right price. I'll measure it and photograph it late Monday. I am in Leicester near M1 J21 so we could meet half way if you wanted the thing if it is the correct length.
Hello. I have, apologies for the delay, measured the Litt's case, It is 12" x 4.50" x 50" external size. £ 60.00 cash from Leicester Forest East Services or £ 65.oo cash from Watford Gap Services.