Rifle Range/ Target club Herefordshire/worcestershire area ( fullbore)

Hi Guys,
I am looking for a Rifle range/ target club in the Herefordshire area. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right place. Preferably it will need to be full bore suitable.

Many Thanks


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Monmouth and District Rifle Club? In the old railway tunnel parallel to the road tunnel.

Have a look at the SD event announcements Forum...if you want to visit and see what it is like the BDS West will have a range day on 24. March otherwise the second and fourth Wednesday evenings are 100 yard sessions and include for full bore.



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Minsterley or Silverstone Shooting centre are further afield but both are open more.

Weekdays at Minsterley will mean you have the place to yourself.

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I am a member at Monmouth - hard working group who shoot game, deer, etc as well as target. If you have an FAC and are generally of a safe disposition, you will find the group helpful and knowledgeable.


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There used to be a range near Pershore in Worcestershire many moons ago, may still be there, the local Feds would know.
My best guess is that would be Tidsley Woods. Its a Cadet training centre these days. I walk my dog near there most days and haven't heard any firing so I am guessing its not public use anymore. Could be wrong of course.


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There is a waiting list for Monmouth but guests with a FAC are allowed to shoot 3 times without joining. Fullbore at 100yds is 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 7.30 to 10.30pm.
PM me for details.