Rifle sling recommendations


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Hi guys, I have recently bought a Stainless Synthetic sako 85 as my first stalking rifle and I am looking for a good quality sling to go with it, I would prefer a synthetic sling due to the water resistant nature of them but would buy a leather one if these are recommended as being better.
I would welcome any recommendations you might have.
Many thanks.


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This is what I use on my 85 ss but instead of clipping across the chest it works a lot better when adjusted to go over both shoulders as a rucksack/back pack ideal for the long walk or when dragging a beast out I like this sling, and you have the option when unclipping the smaller strap to slip over the legs and use it to carry over the shoulder the smaller deer like roe we don't have roe over here but it has worked well with some of the smaller sika I have shot.:D


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I got mine from Germany, a company called Titanium Gunworks. It is Swiss made I think, solid leather and able to be used in the short mode for shooting or Long mode for carrying over the shoulder.


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Dougster makes them
If he makes them like that and at the price I got mine from Germany I'll have another, come on Dougster show me one like that.

No don't bother, I've just found the one Dougster made advertised on the site and it isn't quite as good as mine and is certainly more expensive, sorry dougster.
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Fair enough. His workmanship is excellent and he will hand-make it to your exact specification. Having had a few bits off the chap I bet the leather is thicker too............