Rifle slip


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I've got one, but even though I am 6 ft 4 inches the bugger keeps on tripping me up when I am stalking on the hill, and it weights a ton. So if you are looking for a hill slip, I could not recommend it, though it is a good piece of kit for the car and the range.
It is worth mentioning that the intention was to develop an all round slip which in its self is a tough challenge to suit all environments.

The current version is mark 5 & over the last 18 months plenty of stalker feedback has been taken into consideration, folk wanted a slip that would accomodate a rifle with bipod, large scope & long style mods - hence 54" was decided as being suitable for most kit, also important was to have a slip lighter than than the "Aim" type which it certainly is. High level of protection & being water-proof were also high on the wish list - so 25mm compressed foam padding & water-proof drop liner behind the facing codura achieves this criteria.

Inevitably with any product people have different expectations & without honest product feedback products would not develop or sell :tiphat:




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I bought one earlier this year and have done plenty of trips with it. It is mainly used as a transport case and not carried around on the hill. However the straps are very well made and padded which would make it comfortable on a long hill stalk. I have turned the straps round so I carry it barrel up as it did tend to hit my legs and pi** me off. With that in mind it would be nice to have a bigger pocket inside to slide the butt into encase the zip were to open accidentally. I can easilly fit my knife, range finder, dog tracking lead, bullets etc in the pocket so I just grab the slip and I'm off.