Rifle Slips by Hubertus

Heym SR20

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I once read a review about a rifle slip - I think it was a german made slip by Hubertus, that slipped over the rifle, but you simply used the rifle sling, and it had quick release so you could slip it off the rifel in a copuple of seconds to take a shot.

A conventional slip is fine for carrying a rifle if you don't need to use it, but trying to get a rifle out quietly and quickly is difficult.

Two reasons for wanting one - firstly I do bump into members of the public whilst out stalking and a "naked" weapon may cause alarm - my ground does have a number of villages / houses around and now that the nights are drawing in it is more of an issue with peple out walking dogs etc.

Secondly for when it is raining and to try and keep the rifle reasonably dry.

Does any body know where I can get one??
Not sure about the Hubertus, but I am currently trying an American one from nimrodpacks.com . It fulfills a similar function and looks dead cool in the bar afterwards (only joking).


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Hi Ssgpiv

Yep I have one I bought in Germany about a year ago. They are great.
They protect the rifle from rain espy up in Scotland and make a good insulated sit mat for the high seat. Quick to sleeve/unsleeve the rifle and dicreet if you have to walk past the general public with the rifle.



Hi Mark
If i wasnt such an idle sod I would order one. They do look good. I have cut a cheap sleave down to achieve a similar thing but without the looks, warmth and waterproof capabilities. Yes the word jerk does come to mind. May order one later.

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No I haven't got round to getting one yet, but at Euro99 they do look quite expensive, albeit very well made.

Have not had the time over the last few months - albiet get out a couple of times over the break to look for a doe or two - not a thing showing - most I expect are deep in the woods and or frightened off by dog walkers etc. At least in the buck season most of the dog walkers are all in bed!

Still would like to get one though.

Heym SR20