RifleMags.co.uk any good?


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RifleMags.co.uk seem to have some good stuff on offer. I tried googling them just to see if they deliver okay, but cant find too much out there. Can anyone comment on them?
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Stover Rover

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I have bought 2 mags from them, excellent service, with "running commentary" regarding order status. highly recommend.


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had quite a bit off them and cant speak highly enough of them , totally agree with all of the above

paul o'

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+1 On post two and far cheaper than the guy who charged me £110 for an £80 mag on here ! as I thought /told by him they were rocking horse poo :doh: live and learn :old:
he prob got it from them ?? :banghead: now i'v found them i wont be use'g any others .


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Just want to reiterate what everyone has already said - brilliant service and very good prices (particularly on .17HMR mags for CZ452).


Had two mags from them, returned one a month after delivery and they couldn't have been more accommodating.


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I've not bought from them, but did I inquire about a spare part I was looking for which was somewhat esoteric. The communications was very friendly and chatty - which may sound like nothing out of the ordinary, but I've had some very rude and short comms from some companies. How a communications take place between customers and prospective customers says a lot about their character and hence how they treat customers.