Rifles that can't group 1" at 100yds

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Andy L

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Following a post that Wayne made on another thread it got me thinking. (Dangerous I know!)
He stated that he would not go stalking with a rifle that would not group 1" at 100 yds and I totally agree with him. My sauer has no problems with accuracy and if there is ever a cock up, I cannot blame the rifle.
What interested me is whether there are any centrefire rifles that cannot group 1" straight from the box with the right round put through it.
I would expect with current technology, all rifles (even cheaper ones) should be able to achieve this level of accuracy. Correct me if I am wrong.


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The only new rifles I know of in latter years are 2 Manlickers and a Ruger.

Best rgds



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I had one of the old Ruger All Weather's in .308...I couldn't get it to do three inches! I can get my Mannlicher Pro Hunter in 6.5 to do 1" easily. Mind you, I think a lot of it was operator error...it used to give me a hell of a headache so I was probably flinching.


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most if not all modern rifles will achieve or will be better than 1" groups dicounting the human on one end, as the biggest problem is the quality of ammunition, and type of heads you are using, all of mine do 0.5 or less at 100yds with home loads, these are out of the box rifles(well almost one has a jewell trigger)



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i bought a 22lr which out of the box and new moderator threw an 8 inch group and 5-7 inch left at 30 yards , saw no visual problems or when put a rod up the barrel nothing seem to hinder the rods progress so a final check shooting with out the mod on a better result , quick rethread sof the screwcut and bingo so a lesson learnt here
zero the rifle first with out the mod on could save a lot of headache



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Now, I know I have said this before and it caused a bit of a stir, but. I do believe that 2 inches at 100 yards is good enough for most stalking scenarios, the vast majority of shots are taken at or below 100 yards. If you are stretching out beyond that, then it is time for a rethink.

As many have said most modern rifles are capable of MOA @ 100 yards, however it was not so long ago, back in the '40s and '50s an inch @ 100yards was getting into bench rest territory.

I am happy to say that I only shoot BRNO's and CZ's all of which are capable of the magic inch requirement and a lot more accurate than me, but if it were 2 inches instead of 1 inch I would not lose any sleep over it :D :D


The Mole

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If a new rifle can't group to 1" @ 100 yards today (with the right ammo) it shouldn't be on the market. Finding the right ammo, of course, is the trick. Group sizes will vary enormously depending on the manufacturer you use. Homeloading's even better - but that's a whole new ball game ......

JAYB is right (in a way) - you don't need better than 2" for stalking - but the more you can reduce that, the greater a margin for error you have. So it pays to get those groups as tight as possible.


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The Mole said

JAYB is right (in a way) - you don't need better than 2" for stalking - but the more you can reduce that, the greater a margin for error you have. So it pays to get those groups as tight as possible

That about sums it up for me



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I also have to agree with JAYB, 2" is good enough with factory ammo.

Are we basing our group on 3/4 shots,? as any more in a short space of time and time of year, ie, summer can have an effect on the barrel heating up and throw the odd shot. :rolleyes:.

I am open to any disagreements, but these have been my findings over the years and do tend to feel that some people strive for absolute perfection. :eek:



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Personally I feel that it's difficult to shoot 1" group's. some of it is down to having the right kit in good order as well as practice and ability.

I guess you could say I'm a perfectionist but it's my own personal opinion, additioanlly it also give you confidence in as much as you shot at something and know it's dead before you pull the trigger.
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