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I am taking a long shot here but someone may be able to help me.
Firstly, since retirement, I have become an avid reader of several Sport/Shooting related magazines.
Now here is the long shot.
In one of them I read an advertisememnt for a Riflesmith that had the usual 'I build this etc etc' and at the end of the advert it said something like 'or you may just want your favourite rifle tweaking' or something similar.
I have a rifle I haven't used for a while so put a scope on it the other day and took it out.
I used several combinations of ammo and a couple of different makes of commercial ammo but it did not settle down and in the end I got fed up with all the noise I was making so gave up :( .
Then I thought of the advert.
I am in the habit of reading magazines, it normally only takes me two minutes these days :) , and then passing them on within as little as a day or two.
It was not Riflecraft as I still have that advert in one of my magazines.
I have been through all the ones I have still here but cannot find the advert.
Can anybody help.


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The only one i can see in the mags similar to your description is Anglo custom rifle.
Hope this helps.


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Eddy, Mark Crudginton near Marlborough is very good, my mate took a Howa there and within a week or so Mark had fiddled about with it and totally changed the bolt, balance and floated the barrel and done a few other bits.
He was also very reasonable in price.



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I know about all those you mention, that is why I posted my post as 'a long shot' I am after a specific one that caught my eye.
SAKO 85,
I know Mark, but normally he would rather make one for you than sell you one off the shelf or tinker with one you already have and I can't justify spending that sort of money!!
The ad I saw rang a bell with me as if he was more down to earth than some of the other big money riflesmiths.


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Steve is going to be at the Cirencester Stalkers day on the 16th so I'll have a chat with him then.
I was at a BDS meeting one day a few years ago when Riflecraft were in attendance.
I picked a Howa rifle up to look at, no 'scope or mounts and it was a little heavier than I expected and it felt strange.
I mentioned this to one of the chaps there and he said 'huh you don't know much about rifles, when you have handled as many as I have you'll be able to tell all about them before you pick them up'
That may well be so, but I thought that was rather rude because he could not have been more than in his early thirties.
I'm nearly seventy and have handled rifles/shotguns all my life as a Sporting hobby and professionally.
So I didn't order my new rifle from them!! :lol:


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Steve is a gem and would appear to be ideally located for you too. I have no reservations in recommending his services.


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I think that might have been the advert I saw.
I am now well placed to make a decision, thanks to you all.
This modern technology stuff is fantastic stuff isn't it.